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From Taíno film scripts and song lyrics to language-learning bots and language conferences, check out our recent and ongoing projects.

Golden Flower

First film in history to have complete Taíno dialog!


What if you got the chance to take revenge on the person who killed your people? Based on the graphic novel by Isadora Ortega, “Golden Flower” is a short film directed by Academy Award nominee, director David M. Massey and starring Isadora Ortega as Anacaona, renowned Taíno chief. Priscilla Colón served as Taíno language and culture consultant, translating, adapting, and creating easy-to-speak Taíno dialog and a ceremonial song.


A robot that speaks Taíno!

The brainchild of Ojibwe inventor, Danielle Boyer, SkoBots is an interactive and wearable educational robot that teaches kids their traditional Indigenous languages, including Taíno, Diné (Navajo), and Ojibwemowin. Priscilla Colón had the honor of creating and recording the Taíno language dialog to teach kids basic words and phrases to introduce themselves, talk about pets, their favorite color, and more. Learn more at The STEAM Connection.

Alba Garcia's WOW Museum

First kids' TV series on Taíno!

We're currently working with international award-winning Boricua filmmaker, Alba García Rivas to create age- and level-appropriate Taíno language scripts, songs, and lessons for a children’s TV show that is currently in production. This show will introduce children to the Taíno language and culture, using a variety of novel, tech-enhanced mediums, such as puppetry and augmented reality, while seamlessly integrating STEAM subjects into each episode.

Reencuentro Taíno Conference

First Taíno language conference!

Co-sponsored by the Municipality of Canóvanas, Puerto Rico and Casa Areyto, Reencuentro Taíno Conference is a historic event, focusing on the Taíno language and culture (assumed lost for 500+ years). This first-of-its-kind event features linguists working on language revitalization, archeologists, artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, and esteemed members of our Taíno community from around the world. Learn more at Reencuentro Taíno Conference.

Taíno Mini Conference

Casa Areyto, Bomba de Aquí, and Mayo Street Arts presented three days of events in Portland, Maine, celebrating Taíno and Afro-Indigenous culture, language, cuisine, music, and dance. Casa Areyto provided a lecture on the origins of the Taíno language titled “From Hammocks to Hurricanes”; a “Taíno Petroglyphs for Kids Workshop”, during which children explored the traditional meanings of petroglyph symbols and created their own rock designs; and a “Taíno Taste Tour of the Caribbean” for community members to enjoy a variety of foods and discuss their origins within Taíno culture.

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