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Welcome to Casa Areyto, your home for Taíno language and culture information.

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Shaping the future of indigenous education

We are honored to share that Casa Areyto Founder, Priscilla Colón was appointed Co-chair of Ad-hoc Group 1: Provision of Education and Domains for Indigenous Languages for UNESCO'S International Decade of Indigenous Languages (IDIL 2022-2032).

“It is deeply moving to consider that 500 years ago, our Taíno ancestors were declared extinct, and now we have the opportunity to shape the future of educational policies for Indigenous languages worldwide.” —Priscilla Colón


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IDIL 2022-2032

Learn about our UNESCO partnership.


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Casa Areyto was vital to the production of my film “Golden Flower.” Priscilla Colon’s knowledge of Taíno language and culture delivered incredible authenticity to the movie.

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Land Acknowledgement

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Casa Areyto is located in Nashua, NH, a city named for the Nashaway Western Abenaki people. "Nashaway" in the Abenaki language means "river with a pebbled bottom". The traditional Abenaki homelands were called "Ndakinna", an area that encompasses Vermont, New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, Western Maine, and southern Quebec. We acknowledge that the Abenaki people, known as the Alnobak in their own language, have always been here and will always be here. At Casa Areyto, we are committed to continuing the legacy of our Indigenous siblings to care for the land, revitalize our Indigenous languages, and learn from the people who have been here since the dawn of days.

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